Banking & Finance

ATM Areas & Vestibules

Hawaii Cam Solutions provides a complete solution for ATM machine and its cabin area’s safety.

• ATM Cameras:

HD video, discreet pinhole design, dual lens for different direction viewings.


Dedicated form factor, support transaction information overlay.

• Cabin Camera:

Only one wide angle camera to cover all the in-cabin area.

Entrance & Lobby

Hawaii Cam Solutions provides a complete solution for ATM machine and area safety.

• ATM Cameras:

HD video | Discreet pinhole design | Dual-angle, dual-lens viewing


Dedicated form factor | Transaction information overlay on video

• Room or Area Camera:

Single wide-angle camera covers entire ATM area

Counter & Teller

High volumes of financial transactions each day – from signing documents to approving loans – may leave institutions vulnerable to customer misunderstandings or disputes.

Dual-lens Teller Camera:

Hawaii Cam Solutions Monovu teller camera is specifically designed for applications where high definition and bilateral close-up imaging are required of individuals during financial transactions.

Security Center

Storing critical video footage of daily operations in a bank’s security center is a core component of a total CCTV system. It requires the utmost reliability and manageability for data protection and security operations.

• Embedded NVR:  

Hawaii Cam Solutions has the richest embedded network recorder product line – from 4 channels to 256 channels – for every level of need.

• Video Management Platform: 

Video Platform is the CCTV system core that manages, views, plays back, and controls all the daily operations among all devices

• Network Storage Server:

A must-have product line for total secure data storage

• Monitor Display System:


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Hawaii Cam Solutions is a local based company that has been serving throughout the state since 2001. Professional Certified technicians and sales staff to bring you the best of Hawaii camera security solutions. Onsite Survey and client tailored systems.