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Investing in a video surveillance system is a smart move. You have many assets to protect so you need to make sure your security system does what you want it to do. Don’t run the risk of something happening and then discover the video has not been captured properly. Selecting the right cameras for your video surveillance system is critical to the success of your system. First, you need to determine what you want the camera to capture for you. Here are some things to consider:

Hawaii Cam Solutions staff are well trained and certified in surveillance camera installation as well as ; Audio Visual, Data Cat 5e / Cat 6 Cabling, Fiber Optic Wiring, Voice over IP, and much more..

The field of view is a measure of how large an area the camera is capable of viewing. The focal length of the lens affects the field of view. A shorter focal length lens captures more of the scene and therefore displays a larger field of view. Conversely, a longer lens magnifies the scene more, thereby decreasing the field of view.

Another important consideration in video cameras is resolution. Resolution is the measure of noticeable detail that you see in an image. The higher the resolution, the better the definition, clarity and quality of the picture. Lower-resolution cameras produce images with less detail.A high resolution camera could capture the detail of a person’s face or a license plate number from a wide area. The wider the area you want to view, the more resolution you will need in order to see all the detail. If you want to monitor a smaller area and do not need to see a detailed view, a camera with lesser resolution might do. Keep in mind that higher resolution images also mean larger files sizes, which will take up more storage space on your DVR.

Because light is vital for producing a quality image, it is essential to understand your lighting conditions prior to selecting a camera. How much light is available? The amount of light available will determine the amount of light required by your camera in order for it to produce usable video. There are a variety of technologies available that will ensure you capture usable video regardless of the lighting conditions: • Day/Night • IR Illumination • Digital Noise Reduction • Digital Slow Shutter

It depends on whether you are comfortable with just one camera or two. The typical installation for a residence is a 2 or 4 camera install. This way you know that all the entrances of your home are covered. Business installation may vary depending on what areas of liability are most important. Business installs can range from 4 to 16 camera installations.

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